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    Join  YOUR Physiotherapist & Fitness Specialist  10 week Term 3 Program 2017 This 10 week program will provide a new beginning to YOUR Fitness adventure incorporating Physiotherapy techniques into YOUR workout to ensure a safe, effective and functional workout for ALL Fitness Levels.

    Timetable includes:


    This is a mat based class run by a qualified physiotherapist duration 50min. This class is is designed to focus on core and overall general strength to improve Posture Flexibility Agility and Performance. Pilates involves a series of controlled movements that engage both your body and mind. This mat based class which will primarily focus on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength and flexibility. The outcome of regular Pilates training is a balanced body that is strong and supple a flatter stomach, strong balanced legs and back. Pilates combined with your strength and cardio and/or running group session/s is the key to reaching a balanced and more functional body.

    Strength and cardio this combined session is for ALL Levels of fitness and will consist of a whole body functional work out incorporating the use of weights, boxing, harnesses, bikes, CXT, battle ropes, sand bags, ladders etc, combinations are endless....

    Running Group is delivered by a Physiotherapist with a focus to improve running technique, cardiovascular fitness, running economy, speed, power and endurance. Each session is designed for ALL Levels and will assist runners and sporting participants to achieve their goals.  

    We look forward to YOU joining term 3 and working with YOU to achieve a fitter and healthier YOU. 

    Please email or call 0412229428 to register TODAY!!!!


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